In the Shadow of King Saul


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“With his customary linguistic verve and pulsing imagination, Jerome Charyn serves up here some of the tastiest essay writing available. He knows and loves New York past and present, and he draws on a lifetime of raucous experience and dedicated reading for a rich, heady, satisfying brew.”

Phillip Lopate, editor of The Art of the Personal Essay and author of A Mother’s Tale

The Art of the Essay series

In the New York Review of Books, Joyce Carol Oates expressed her admiration for an equally prolific contemporary: “Among Charyn’s writerly gifts is a dazzling energy. . . . [He is] an exuberant chronicler of the mythos of American life”; the Los Angeles Times described him as “absolutely unique among American writers.” In these ten essays, Charyn shares personal stories about places steeped in history and myth, including his beloved New York, and larger-than-life personalities from the Bible and from the worlds of film, literature, politics, sports, and the author’s own family. Together, writes Charyn, these essays create “my own lyrical autobiography. Several of the selections are about other writers, some celebrated, some forgotten. . . . All of [whom] scalped me in some way, left their mark.”

This is the second title in Bellevue Literary Press’s The Art of the Essay series, which features compelling, creative nonfiction from accomplished writers of fiction, demonstrating the Bellevue Literary Press belief that fine literature knows no boundaries of genre or imagination.

Excerpt from In the Shadow of King Saul