Available Feb 06, 2024

288 pages

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ISBN: 9781954276246

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“Extraordinary and meticulous. . . . An X-ray picture of the subcutaneous breaks and sprains in a rocky relationship.”

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“Compelling throughout. . . . Trondheim is an exquisite novel that explores maternal love, the price of hope, and how bodies endure.”

Foreword Reviews

“My God but this author knows how to tell a story! . . . The narrative is so real—so believable—it’s as though the author has used a movie camera to film it all. Quiet hospital room, restaurant conversations, walks around town. Honestly, Trondheim is a literary treasure.”

Linda Bond, Auntie’s Bookstore (Spokane, WA)

In Norway, thousands of miles from home, a student drops dead on the street. A passerby revives his heart, but he remains in a coma from which he may never wake. His mothers rush across the continent to his bedside where they endure the strain of helpless waiting. As the tense hospital vigil continues day after day and they vacillate between extremes of hope, fear, and psychic pain, their troubled relationship is pushed to the edge.

A profound exploration of a family in crisis, Trondheim portrays the way each woman copes with the looming tragedy and the possibility of healing in the wake of a life-altering emergency.

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Available Feb 06, 2024