Come On Up

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ISBN: 9781942658818

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“The day will come when there’ll be no need to keep repeating how Nopca’s talent and his corrosive humor have exploded and electrified the literature of Spain: it will be common knowledge.”

Enrique Vila-Matas, author of Bartleby & Co. and Mac’s Problem

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“Wry yet tender, Jordi Nopca’s stories are a chronicle of the sentimental and existential doubts of Barcelona’s struggling younger generation—just trust me: read them.”

Jordi Puntí, author of Lost Luggage and This Is Not America

“Read these stories for Nopca’s talent at consistently surprising with plots that march relentlessly in unforeseeable directions, and for his astuteness at charging situations with comic tension and leading readers into potent, perplexing spaces that explode unexpectedly.”

El País 

“The interplay between immature thirty-somethings, their crazy parents, and their declining grandparents, is at the heart of the book. They each construct the reality that suits them best. Nopca’s portrait of a generation is appealing and well-written.”

La Vanguardia

What happens when the hopes of a generation are dashed by austerity policies and underemployment? Come On Up is a group portrait of contemporary Barcelona, beaten by the economic crisis, plagued by tourism, and divided by a secessionist movement. Always witty, often absurdist, these stories offer a mesmerizing glimpse into the daily lives of couples, families, and neighbors living the new normal of the 21st century.

A husband seeks revenge on his wife as they stalk author Peter Stamm on a Swiss vacation; an out-of-work bartender fills his empty days by shoving bananas into the tailpipes of parked cars; a mysterious ritual, spied through a neighbor’s window, arouses deadly spirits. Masterfully paced, the eleven mordant stories of Come On Up draw us into an embattled world whose past is unresolved and whose future is uncertain.

Come On Up is translated from the Catalan by Mara Faye Lethem.

Documenta Prize Winner

La Vanguardia “Best Fiction of the Year” selection

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