Charlee Brodsky

Charlee Brodsky, a professor of photography at Carnegie Mellon University, is a fine art and documentary photographer. Brodsky describes her work as dealing with human issues of beauty through everyday tales of life.

Brodsky exhibits her work nationally and has co-authored several books. Among her projects, her book Street, with poet Jim Daniels, won the 2007 Tillie Olson Award given by the Working Class Studies Association. In 2001, she and three others won an Emmy for their work on Stephanie, a documentary video about Stephanie Byram’s life with breast cancer. Brodsky worked with Byram to produce the book Knowing Stephanie, which was one of the American Association of University Presses’ outstanding illustrated books of 2004. With anthropologist Judith Modell Schacter, Brodsky explored Homestead, a former steel mill town. This work resulted in the book A Town Without Steel, Envisioning Homestead. Brodsky continues to walk Homestead streets, this time with writers Jim Daniels and Jane McCafferty.

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