From the Shadows

208 pages


ISBN: 9781942658672

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ISBN: 9781942658665

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“Part surreal comedy, part dark parable, Millás’s wild work brings readers face to face with the mundane facets of middle-class suburban life. . . . A page-turner of the strangest order, Millás’s debut stuns and entrances. It’s impossible to put down.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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“A compelling stew of comedy, philosophy, and even tragedy, From the Shadows maintains a light touch, even as sinister undertones bubble underneath.”

Foreword Reviews

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“Spectacularly bizarre. . . . A Kafkaesque story about transformation and our collective human desire to connect with one another.”

Kirkus Reviews

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“An irresistible—and utterly strange—experience. A novel you must read to believe.”

Justin Walls, Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing (Beaverton, OR)

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Laid off from his job, Damián Lobo obsessively imagines himself as a celebrity being interviewed on TV. After committing an act of petty theft at an antiques market, he finds himself trapped inside a wardrobe and delivered to the seemingly idyllic home of a husband, wife, and their internet-addicted teenage daughter. There, he sneaks from the shadows to serve as an invisible butler, becoming deeply and disastrously involved with his unknowing host family. Every thread of the plot is ingeniously tied together, creating a potent admixture of parable, love story, and thriller. Millás masterfully reveals the everyday as innately surreal as he renders the unbelievable tangible and the trivial fantastical, and full of dark humor.

From the Shadows is translated from the Spanish by Thomas Bunstead and Daniel Hahn.

Publishers Weekly “Writers to Watch” selection

Excerpt from From the Shadows

“Features one of the most memorable closets since C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Publishers Weekly interviews “Writer to Watch” Juan José Millás about his North American debut novel From the Shadows.