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Murmur is a fully achieved literary experiment, digging deep into all the dimensions of human consciousness.”

Goldsmiths Prize judge’s citation

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Murmur is a restrained and elegant exploration of cause and effect, and the meaning of life and love.”

BBC judges’ citation

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“An extraordinary exploration of dreams, consciousness, science and the future.”

New Scientist

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“Scrupulous, humane . . . [Murmur] is as bracingly intelligent as it is brave. . . . [Eaves] knows that Turing’s theories of consciousness have implications for fiction, and that fiction can operate at the frontiers of what we know about the workings of our minds.”


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“Exceptionally poised and elegant. . . . Murmur is a poignant meditation on the irrepressible complexity of human nature and sexuality, and a powerful indictment of the cowardice and groupthink that sustain state-sanctioned barbarism. It also poses timely questions about the digital world Turing’s pioneering work helped bring about.”

Irish Times

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“Eaves has achieved one of the pinnacles of novelistic endeavour: he has given deep thought to human experience, and in doing so brought to life the ‘self-conscious wonder’ of thought itself.”

Times Literary Supplement

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“There is science, there is art and there is Jungian symbolism. . . . For all its challenges, Murmur is also beautiful [in its] willingness to embrace opacity, its portrayal of the labyrinthine paths along which thought proceeds, and its exhilarating ambition to test Alec’s belief that ‘[a] mind can’t prove or step outside itself’ by inviting us to step out from ours, and into his.”

New Statesman

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Murmur is a profound meditation on what machine consciousness might mean, the implications of AI, where it will all lead. It’s one of the big stories of our time, though no one else has treated it with such depth and originality.”

Peter Blegvad, author of The Book of Leviathan

“Tender and funny, Murmur takes the tragic story of Turing’s life and punishment and ingeniously transforms it into something glittering, subversive, and even triumphant. Eaves has built a magnificently challenging memorial to one of the great twentieth-century martyrs.”

Patrick Gale, author of Rough Music and A Place Called Winter

“Will Eaves’s Murmur is masterful—compassionate, principled, and moving. It is deeply wise, with the aching loneliness of both human indignity and dignity, despair and courage.”

Anne Michaels, author of Fugitive Pieces and All We Saw

Murmur by Will Eaves is a really extraordinary book, unlike any other. He’s in a class of his own.”

Max Porter, author of Grief Is the Thing with Feathers

In Murmur, a hallucinatory masterwork, Will Eaves invites us into the brilliant mind of Alec Pryor, a character inspired by Alan Turing. Turing, father of artificial intelligence and pioneer of radical new techniques to break the Nazi Enigma cipher during World War II, was later persecuted by the British state for “gross indecency with another male” and forced to undergo chemical castration. Set during the devastating period before Turing’s suicide, Murmur evokes an extraordinary life, the beauty and sorrows of love, and the nature of consciousness.

Goldsmiths Prize Shortlist

New Scientist “Best Book of the Year” selection

Guardian “Best Book of the Year” selection

Times Literary Supplement “Book of the Year” selection

Australian Book Review “Book of the Year” selection

Excerpt from Murmur

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