The Poetic Species


112 pages

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ISBN: 9781934137734

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“Enchanting. . . . The Poetic Species is a wonderful read in its entirety, short yet infinitely simulating.”

Maria Popova, Marginalian

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“The principle of consilience, or the unity of knowledge, infuses this conversation between biologist E. O. Wilson and poet Robert Hass. . . . The eminent duo explore echoes and parallels in their respective fields with eloquent concision, from Wilson’s advice to poets (“Colonize science”) to Hass’s musings on the interplay of selfish gene and social imperative in imagination.”

Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science

The Poetic Species explores the intersection of science and the arts in relation to the staggering environmental crisis the world is encountering. I am encouraged by this call to action by both scientific and literary communities and curious about the possible responses.”

World Literature Today Editor’s Pick citation

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In this shimmering conversation (the outgrowth of an event co-sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History and Poets House), Edward O. Wilson, renowned scientist and proponent of “consilience”—or the unity of knowledge—finds an ardent interlocutor in Robert Hass, whose credo as United States poet laureate was “imagination makes communities.” As they explore the many ways that poetry and science enhance each other, they travel from anthills to ancient Egypt and to the heights and depths of human potential. A testament to how science and the arts can join forces to educate and inspire, this book is also a passionate plea for conservation of all the planet’s species.

World Literature Today Editor’s Pick

Excerpt from The Poetic Species