Sharona Muir

Congratulations to Sharona Muir, whose first novel, Invisible Beasts, is a Dublin Literary Award Longlist selection and an Orion Book Award Finalist!

Find out why Publishers Weekly calls author Sharona Muir “A Literary Game Changer” in their “First Fiction: Anticipated Debuts” feature story; view artist Kristen Radtke’s beautiful graphic review of Invisible Beastsand tune in to the PW Radio podcast to listen to the author discuss her work.

Sharona Muir talks to the Kenyon ReviewSentinel-Tribune, BGSU NewsUnstuck magazine, Rosemary & Reading GlassesThe Qwillery, and WBGU-TV’s Northwest Ohio Journal about creating fiction from science, and shares her “Research Notes” for Invisible Beasts with Necessary Fiction.

Read Sharona Muir’s New York Times op-eds: “Swan Lovers” and “The Crazy Puppy and the Flying Boy.”

Sharona Muir is the author of The Book of Telling: Tracing the Secrets of My Father’s Lives, a collection of poetry, a collection of literary criticism, and the novel Invisible Beasts. Her writing has appeared in Granta, Orion magazine, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Paris Review, Kenyon Review, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, the Alfred Hodder Fellowship from Princeton University; two Ohio Arts Council Fellowships; the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Fellowship; the Bernard F. Connors Prize, and other awards. She is currently Professor of Creative Writing and English at Bowling Green State University.

A Conversation with Sharona Muir on Invisible Beasts

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